Trust Members

          Here you can find a little info of our Trust Members. The information provided here are for informative purpose only.

Our Managing Trustee – Tmt. K.Chitra

          Our Managing Trustee a house maker hailing from a Joint family, helps us and guides us to carry out every action as a team. A clam minded personality with smile.
Coming together is Begining, Keeping together is Progress, Working together is success
– Henry Ford, American industrialist, the founder of the Ford Motor Company

Our Other Trustees:

1. Er. V.Kalusivalingam
          After his 31 years of service as a Govt. Employee in Highways department as Superintending Engineer, he is now retired and he spear heads all the actions of the Trust. A man known for his Punctuality, Discipline and Hard working there is no match for him other than himself.
2. K.Thennarasu
          Gentle as a Lamb, Quite as a Mouse, holding a MBA from BIM, Trichy is man of less words and more action. At present he is working as a Branch manager in HDFC Bank and takes keen interest in development of the trust.
3. V.Anitha
          Holding a B.Tech Degree from a reputed institution, she takes keen interest in development of the trust.
4. K.Shanmuganathan
       Another trust worthy and a kind hearted gentle man. Supporting us all the way in our development both physically and mentally.
5. V.Ramakrishnan
          A leading building contractor from Madurai. Having his mind set to the development of the Trust and taking care of the activities of the trust.
6. K.Vasanthan
           Swift as an Arrow, Mighty as a Lion, A man of action, Hard working. From every nook and corner he takes everything, put them together and finishes every work with a dedication.