K.C. Vidyalayam

          We welcome you all to our School page. By the end of this page you will know about us,
                     “What we are,
                           What we do and
                                How we do…”


Where can you find us?
          Our school K.C. Vidyalayam is located on a stipulated plot, in a hassle free environment about 5 kilometres from Madurai airport, Madurai – Aruppukottai road, Near T.V.R. Nagar, Eliyarpathi, South of Madurai city, Madurai, Tamilnadu. This school is in a Salubrious, Seraphic and a Serene environment free from all distractions.
Our Motto
          KCV is not just an initial for Our School. Surprised? Here is a little explanation of KCV, ‘K’ stands for Knowledge, ‘C’ stands for Character and ‘V’ stands for Victory.
          We understand without Knowledge, we can’t achieve Victory. Having Knowledge without good Character, will not earn us Victory. So we need both Knowledge and Character to emerge Victorious. Here at KCV we not only teach and guide our children with Knowledge, we tune our children with the Character skill they need to reach Victory.
Everyone has an AIM, want to know our AIM?
  • To provide an excellent and stimulating education
  • To provide a rich, inspiring and caring environment
  • To make the child feel free, happy, safe, secure and confident
  • To enable the children to become confident, competent, creative, cooperative and able to cope
  • To offer opportunities for enrichment of sporting and cultural interests through participation with others
  • To let the instructional task create activities or environments that allow children engage in high order thinking skills
What is our Objective?
          Every child must bloom with its full talent in different aspects of physical, emotional, social, moral, intellectual and spiritual development. Children under our care will be molded in such a way to face the challenges of the future. Academic excellence, innovative approaches and new teaching techniques are the unique approaches of our school.
Building Structure?
          Everything needs a good foundation. Our Chairman being a Civil Engineer had taken keen interest in the construction of the school building making the foundation with “RRC column foundation with framed structure”. For basement “RCC Grade beam with brick work in cement mortar”. Flooring with “Cement mortar” and roof with “RCC roof slab” making the building rock solid. Each class room is very well ventilated with natural air flow and natural sun light flow. Spacious veranda, Class room, Labs, Library and Stairs provides easy access for everyone. There are ramps to provide easy access for the physically challenged. With a total area of 8424 Sq. mts. (2.08 acres), the school have been constructed at an area of about 1121.65 Sq. mts., looking gigantic on the highway.
What we teach?
          Our School K.C. Vidyalayam follows NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) based syllabus. You might ask what a NCERT syllabus is. It’s our responsibility to tell you the answer. The National Council of Educational Research and Training is an organization set up by the Government of India, with headquarters located in New Delhi, to assist and advise the central and state governments on academic matters related to school education.
 How we teach?
            Here at KCV, subjects are taught through pictorial representation and practical representation with the help of Smart classes, Computers, Interactive boards, IKEN activity kit and such, to make the children understand the subject more easily. Learning this way will help the children remember everything easily. Play while learning not only helps them remember what has been taught but also will make them fit both physically and mentally.
 Where we play?
            Inside the school campus there is a playground of area 7295 Sq. ft. large enough to hold athlete events, football, cricket and such. The school also houses a separate block for indoor games like carom, chess, shuttle cork and such. Not only games, children are encouraged to take part in yoga, mediation, karate. Skating area is also provided. Along with education, our children learn every basic thing to survive and succeed in today’s world.
How do we come?
            The school provides transport facilities covering most places of Madurai, Kariyapatti and Kalkuruchi. Every vehicle is equipped with a speed control unit and only the experienced hands hold the steering wheel. Assistance is being provided to obtain bus passes for children’s who use govt. buses. We encourage parents to use school vehicles for their children’s own safety.